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Coming March 2022


by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater

illustrated by Emma J. Virján


ISBN-10: 1635923867

ISBN-13: 978-1635923865




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For Teachers

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An ideal gift for children who love animals, this picture book is a celebration of Poem in your Pocket Day and a charmingly illustrated collection of playful poems about 19 different creatures.

Fascinating information about the animals (yes, sea otters have pockets!); bright, bold artwork; and short, lively poems make this collection perfect for National Poetry Month–or any day of the year.

In honor of Poem in Your Pocket Day, a child imagines the poems animals would carry in their pockets, if they had pockets. What would your poem be if you were a hummingbird? Or a fox? Or a sea otter? These poems capture the essence of each animal, exploring what makes it unique. The hummingbird sings with its wings, the fox’s poem is its fiery tail flashing in the dark, and the sea otter’s poem is its secret pocket. What poem captures the heart of this child? One she writes about a child who loves animals.