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2021 NCTE Notable Poetry Book

2021 NCTE/CLA Notable Children’s Book in the Language Arts



"Here's hoping this will inspire many children to joyfully engage in writing."


"The poems are by turns amusing and thoughtful, and their examination of the writing process will be particularly useful to educators."

—Publishers Weekly 

" From cheerful couplets to meditations and songs, this successfully champions its tagline, 'Writing is for everyone.'"


“This beautiful compendium of poems that celebrates the written word is a joy to share with young readers.” 

—School Library Journal

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The New York Times Review

April 20, 2020 HERE.






by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater

illustrated by Ryan O'Rourke

Wordsong/Astra Books for Young Readers

ISBN-10: 168437362X

ISBN-13: 9781684373628

For Readers


Butterfly Pencil Craft HERE.


Twenty-two poems capture the amazing power of writing and will inspire even the most reluctant writer to begin putting words to paper.

Write! Write! Write! is a poetry collection that explores every stage and every aspect of the writing process, from learning the alphabet to the thrilling moment of writing a thought for the first time, from writer's block to finding inspiration, and from revision to stapling your finished work into a book. These poems also celebrate how writing teaches patience, helps express opinions, and allows us to imagine the impossible. This book, brimming with imagination and wonder, will leave readers eager to grab a pen, pencil, or keyboard--and write!

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